Planning a divorce settlement

I went back to working for Walthamstow escorts after my divorce from my husband. It seemed a bit mad at first as I had received a rather good divorce settlement, but that I felt that I needed to work. Leaving the agency to get married did not work out for me. Yes, it was okay at first, but the age difference between me and my husband had proved to be too much and it felt like we had nothing in common. We agreed to divorce, and my husband paid me a divorce settlement.

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The other girls here at Walthamstow escorts thought that I was mad for going back, but I did not want to waste my divorce settlement. I had my own flat, so I did not need to buy a property at all. Instead I wanted to invest the money for my retirement and to make sure that I was going to be comfortable when I was older. In the meantime, I thought that I would work and make some money for myself.

It is not easy to know what to do with a lump sum of cash these days. Sure you can spend it if you like, but I hate wasting my money. Instead I started to look at various options, and in the end, I decided to invest part of the money in property. Buying a new home in London would not work. The property prices are crazy, so I started to check out other options outside of London. My boss at Walthamstow escorts thought I was crazy, but I thought that I was on the right track.

In the end, I found a really cute property outside of London which I could afford to buy. It had recently been renovated so I could just rent it out straight away. I was really pleased with my little purchase and started to check out other options for the rest of the money. Now that some of it was safely tucked away in the property market and generating an income for me at the same time, I felt a lot happier and started to work part time at Walthamstow escorts.

However, it was then I met this guy. He was a really lovely bloke and we started going out. Again, he was a bit older than me, but we still got on well. I was very naughty and told him that I worked in a club instead of Walthamstow escorts. Fortunately, I managed to find myself a job in a London club a couple of days later, and it became my cover. The new man in my life was very well off and he started to take me on cruises. During the cruises he bought me lots of jewelery. I liked the guy, but did not want to marry him. I was beginning to feel like I was becoming a professional gold digger and realised that with a bit smart thinking, I did not have to worry about investing my divorce settlement too much. As a matter of fact, I could add to it by selling my jewelery at a later date.

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