Joseph’S Comeback Sex

Joseph, who loved his wife dearly was widowed a couple of years ago. The events of that year took a toll on him and he lost interest in matters of love. So he decided to live a mundane life and only focus on his two kids. While on his way to work, Joseph meets a very sexy woman, with the cutest lips, tight ass and hips of a goddess, stuck by the roadside with a flat tire.

The kind hearted Joseph decides to pull over to help the poor hot lady. As he fixes the tire, the hot lady can’t help it but notice the masculine nature of Joseph so she starts flirting at first site. She adjusts her blouse to reveal her full cleavage and bends down asking rhetoric questions so that the innocent Joseph can see. Joseph notices but ignores it and finishes with the tire.

She then decides to ask for Joseph’s number so that she can set up dinner at her place just to thank him. Still not getting the true intentions of the lady, Joseph gives her his number and drives off. The same night after work, Joseph receives a strange call but upon receiving the call he notices the voice of the hot Lady who at this point will be referred to as Lady S. So Lady S asks Joseph if he could join her for dinner. Joseph accepts the offer since the kids had gone to their grandma’s and he was alone. So he switches off the lights and shuts the door. Since Lady S lives a few blocks away, it only takes Joseph five minutes to get to her house.

Joseph knocks the door and Lady S opens. The first thing he sees is a naked bottle-shaped body with a tattoo on her thigh. Joseph being a man can’t resist this but before thinks of what to say, Lady S pulls her into the house and trails kisses up and down his neck as she moans.

She pulls Joseph’s shirt, untucking it from his shorts so hard she practically rips a button. She fumbles the buttons open, then unfastens his belt, and removes it from the shorts. He kisses her back and fondle each other the whole time undressing him and soon, he is down to nothing. It was so fast – and incredibly horny. She notices he is also in the mood and can judge from his rock hard cock.

She notices Joseph is an expert at pussy licking and also gives him a fair share of a blow job. When the pussy was ready and willing to accommodate, Joseph slides his cock slowly into her juicy cunt, then thrust into her hard and deep. She starts moaning. Since she had already cum once during the licking, she could feel another one building up quickly. She starts to buck against him as much as possible, considering their position.

Joseph is into Lady S, holding tight to her hips to keep her in place as the stool rocked beneath her. It is so intense and hot and she tries to thrust her hips hard against his, making the fucking even more intense. It doesn’t take long before Joseph cums since it’s been years since he felt the warmth of a pussy. They both stare at each other butt naked and laugh as they try to catch their breath.

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