Communicate your Emotions

being able to communicate your emotions rather than react from them it’s almost like you’re able to neutralize the trigger you’re able to speak to the trigger you’re not you’re not burying it you’re not covering it up or denying that it’s there you’re speaking it out loud it’s almost like an exhaust car it’s able to clear something out of the way for something new to come in and once it’s dealt with once it’s seen the two of you then can move past from a place of choice according to Whitechapel Escorts from
Typically we don’t believe that emotion is going to do that when we start a real pain or sadness or disagreement or potential conflict I think our brain says this could go on for a long time so I don’t want to go there whereas actually being in contact with authentic emotion sometimes it can pass through in seconds and minutes particularly we don’t identify with it.
How somebody would even structure this type of being able to name their experience I think it can be a little confusing and it can be counterintuitive to have that strategy available to you when you’re feeling anger because someone might act from anger and think that they’re just expressing it “oh no I’m naming it I’m bringing that feeling into the relationship now when really they’re reacting to it” so is there a format or even just a simple place to start of how you would bring a certain negative emotion or emotion that you’re holding against you that needs to be named into the relationship in a way where the two of you can examine it and where it doesn’t cause that trigger according to Whitechapel Escorts.
I think the key is to talk at the level of emotion and sensation about what is going on without needing to explain it so if I say an angry I feel really hot inside I’m kind of shaking now I’m spinning out a bit in my head I don’t feel safe with you right now like that’s all kind of unarguable experience is subjective experience. I cannot I can’t tell you that that’s not your experience I can’t argue it you’re not attacking me you’re not driving me that I am sensing totally and I think to be able to pause when you’re doing that at the end of it then maybe we hear your experience and then from that place perhaps you want to go into like oh so what actually happened what was through-line but I think couples is too quickly to get into the analysis and actually we can just do the exhaust process that I am talking about now we’ve got more capacity available now are actually going to see and discern now according to Whitechapel Escorts.
But if I’m in emotional flood I’m probably not going to be seeing very clearly what actually is going on. and the problem with analysis to getting into this where you’re bringing your logic into it and trying to understand the emotions before they’ve been properly expressed is suddenly you start painting people in boxes including yourself and then it can be very easy to indirectly start blaming somebody or telling somebody that they are acting a certain way or they’re you’re doing something because of X Y Z s which then raises defenses and it doesn’t really hold the space for that emotion to be present in relations

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